Happy Wedge and Lumbar Pillow


The Wedge Pillow will help right after BBL surgery protect your Booty. It will help you keep your feet elevated, and will help keep your buttocks from touching the bed if used together with The Happy Lumbar Pillow.Please see the pictures to show you the proper way to use.



Fatigue, pain, tiredness, ankles and swollen legs are a classic of pregnancy. They appear for multiple reasons, such as due to the pressure exerted by the baby (which can hinder the circulation of the lower body), and usually begin to manifest FROM THE THIRD trimester of pregnancy. Also, if the pregnancy takes place in summer, the chances of having swollen legs and ankles increases.

Some of our recommendations:

* Rest with our HAPPY WEDGE COMBO to facilitate blood circulation and also rest your back

* Drink 2L of water to stay hydrated and decrease fluid retention

* Consume diuretic foods




Disclaimer: Our pillows are designed to alleviate post-operative discomfort. However the first few weeks discomfort will be inevitable. We suggest use for 1-2 hours maximum followed by moving around  and stretching.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 16 in

Wedge, Lumbar, Combo


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